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A New Bugtracker for GnuPG

The GnuPG project has just launched, a new hub for GnuPG development! The site features a user-friendly task and bug tracker, a wiki, a Git repository browser, a calendar and utilities such as an URL shortener, a paste tool, bookmarks, customizable dashboards, and a meme generator.

Starting today, the task and bug tracker replaces the old Roundup installation at All existing tickets have been migrated under the same ticket number. Links to are redirected to, while all other links are redirected to the main site.

The new wiki is currently empty, but ready to use. We are inviting the community at the GnuPG Wiki to join us on the new site, and will be glad to assist in the migration of existing documentation after the dust has settled.

In the calendar you will be able to follow the GnuPG release cycles and the development sprints. We also plan to keep track of community meetups and hacker conferences there.

The Git repositories provide a mirror of the core GnuPG and GnuPG-For-Windows projects with a very nice visual source code browser. There are no plans to replace the primary Git hosting at, but we might add new community-oriented repositories in the future that are writable by a larger group of people.

Phabricator uses Phabricator, a free, self-hosted and complete software development platform already deployed successfully by other free software projects such as KDE and MediaWiki.

Phabricator supports a lot of features, but we disabled some of them to make onboarding easier for new users. However, we plan to roll out some of the additional features in the near future. In particular, we are interested in Phabricator's code review and audit capabilities, and are also looking at deeper integration with our Jenkins installation.

If you are missing a particular feature of Phabricator on, let us know!

New Users

If you are a new user, you can register a new account with just a username and an email address.

Existing Users

If you were a user on, your account has been migrated to under the same username and email. You have to use the password reset form to set a new password. After logging in you might want to configure the "Email Preferences" under your account settings.

In some cases, duplicated accounts have been merged, and some email addresses had to be adjusted for Phabricator. If you have trouble recovering your account, contact marcus for support.

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