Securing the future of GPG

If you've noticed some changes around here, there's a good reason why. We have a plan for securing the long term stability of GnuPG development by giving more to our users, and asking more from them in return.

You already know that GnuPG is important, and as months of fresh government spying revelations go by, it's becoming obvious that GnuPG is one of the very few tools that can still be trusted to keep our data safe from the overwhelming efforts of international law enforcement. But developing GnuPG takes work - regular monitoring for newfound threats and exploits, and new features to keep it sharp with the latest encryption algorithms. We also need to reach out to the millions of potential GnuPG users who are asking themselves how they can make their email secure. Public-private key cryptography hasn't yet gained mainstream acceptance, but it could if it were just a little more appealing and accessible.

To maintain progress within the project we need to make it easier for GnuPG users to support the work that we do. Ours is an app that is often hidden from view, relied upon daily by hundreds of thousands of people, often in life-threatening circumstances, yet low profile and rarely supported by publicity or donations.

To change that we're going to launch a new website with a fresh design, more friendly and accessible information, and new resources to grow and strengthen our user group. The new site will also allow the project to accept and manage new forms of financial support, including automatic subscriptions to sustain development long term.

Designing, building and populating the new site will take a few months, and in order to cover the costs there will be a crowd-funding campaign with a modest target, in early December. We have some rewards up our sleeves for those who donate.

When that time comes, we'll need your help - telling your contacts, forwarding the announcement to your communities, and contributing financially if you can.

You can subscribe to updates about the campaign using this form. This is separate to other GnuPG mailing lists - update will be sent here, and only here.

[Subscribe code with references to external sites removed on 2014-04-28 due to privacy issues.]