Maintaining and improving GnuPG is costly. For more than a decade, g10code GmbH, a company owned and headed by GnuPG's principal author Werner Koch, is bearing the majority of these costs. To help them carry on this work, they need your support. Note that despite GnuPG carries an FSF copyright notice, they never funded the development or hosting costs.

If you are using GnuPG, Libgcrypt, GPGME, or Gpg4win and would like to help with development and maintenance please consider to make a donation.

Ways to donate

Paying using a credit card is currently our preferred choice. If you have a Paypal account you may use that too.

Because the GnuPG project is not tax exempted, we are not able to send you a respective donation receipt. If you can benefit from a donation receipt by a Germany charity you may donate to the GnuPG account at the Wau Holland Stiftung; they will use the money raised to pay for development work on GnuPG and Enigmail. If you want to be listed on our thank you page you should indicate this by adding a comment of the form List me as: NAME to your donation.

If you like to donate Bitcoins you may use the Wau Holland Stiftung account too.

If you represent a company, you may also enter into a support contract with g10code or ask for other service options.

Donation form

To process your donation we need to collect some information. This information is only used for the purpose of the donation and no data will ever be send to any entity not directly involved in the donation process. Not giving a name makes the donation “anonymous” in that the name won’t be listed on the public thank you page.

Keep this field clear:

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Donations received in 2017 :  9045 €