GPA - The Gnu Privacy Assistant

The GNU Privacy Assistant (GPA) is a graphical user interface for the GnuPG (GNU Privacy Guard).

GPA utilizes GTK+ (the GIMP Tool Kit) and compiles for various platforms. You can have a look at some screenshots . You can learn more about GPA icons, as well.

GPA is available at the GnuPG FTP server and its mirrors.

Changes in version 0.10.0 (2018-10-16)

  • Added key manager context menu items to copy the key fingerprint and the secret key to the clipboard.
  • Added "Details" buttons to many error popups to show raw diagnostic output from gpg.
  • Changed the "Retrieve Key" dialog to first try the Web Key Directory if a mail address is given. Only if this lookup fails the keyservers are searched.
  • Added a user-ID notebook page to show per user-ID info.
  • Made location of locale dir under Windows more flexible.
  • Fixed crash on filename conversion error. [#2185]
  • Fixed listing of key algos in the subkey windows. [#3405]
  • Removed lazy loading of the secret keyring. [#3748]

Changes in version 0.9.10 (2016-11-19)

  • Added basic support for TOFU information.
  • Removed key-ID from some listings in favor of using the fingerprint.
  • Fixed deletion of X.509 keys.
  • Allow for saving to an alternate file name if the file already exists.
  • Fixed several problems with key edit functions.
  • Fixed drag-and-drop.