Links About Cryptography

Nowadays, privacy is becoming a primary concern for everyone. Here it is a non-comprehensive list of sites and projects (both software and hardware) about cryptography.

Sites About Cryptography

Index of papers about cryptography.
Crypto Chamber
The Crypto Chamber.
Crypto Researchers
List of crypto researchers with online web pages.
Index of papers about cryptography.
Index of papers about cryptography.
EFF's Privacy Documents
EFF "Privacy - Crypto - ITAR Export - FOIA-Obtained Documents" Archive
Notes from the Hash Futures Panel
The Second NIST Hash Workshop was a day and a half of presentations and discussion of a wide range of topics relating to cryptographic hash functions.
Paulo Barreto
Paulo Barreto has some informations about EC algorithms.
Peter Gutmann (mirror)
Peter Gutmann's excellent link collection (very large!).
Phil Zimmermann
Phil Zimmermann is the original creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) on which the the OpenPGP standard is heavily based.
Software Generation of Practically Strong Random Numbers
Peter Gutmann's paper, presented at the 1998 Usenix Security Symposium, provides a design for a reasonably OS-independant random data accumulator and generator and an analysis of its performance.
Strong Distribution HOWTO
This HOWTO by V. Alex Brennen's is a very readable paper on how to distribute Free Software; it even includes a chapter on how to do this anonymously.
Ten Risks of PKI
What You're not Being Told about Public Key Infrastructure By Carl Ellison and Bruce Schneier.
Tiger is a new hash algorithm.
Usability of Security: A Case Study
A study of PGP 5.0's usability, which found that it was not sufficiently usable to provide effective security for most users.

Crypto-Based Software Projects

CTC is another free encryption tool.
A somewhat related project to GnuPG is GNUTLS which is is a GPLed TLS/SSL implementation under development.
It is a project to create a free ssh/sshd replacement. Niels Möller has meanwhile released the software under the name LSH.
SCEZ is a project to access Smartcards under GNU/Linux.
Project on secure telephoning.

Crypto-Based Hardware Projects

A pretty neat device.
Will Ware
A cheap random source would be a nice thing. Will Ware describes such a devices and has links to other sources. It could be a nice idea to combine that with a DCF77 receiver (atomic clock).