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6.6.15 Send a verbatim APDU to the card

  APDU [--atr] [--more] [--exlen[=n]] [hexstring]

Send an APDU to the current reader. This command bypasses the high level functions and sends the data directly to the card. hexstring is expected to be a proper APDU. If hexstring is not given no commands are send to the card; However the command will implicitly check whether the card is ready for use.

Using the option --atr returns the ATR of the card as a status message before any data like this:

     S CARD-ATR 3BFA1300FF813180450031C173C00100009000B1

Using the option --more handles the card status word MORE_DATA (61xx) and concatenate all responses to one block.

Using the option --exlen the returned APDU may use extended length up to N bytes. If N is not given a default value is used (currently 4096).