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Contributors to GnuPG

The GnuPG project would like to thank its many contributors. Without them the project would not have been nearly as successful as it has been. Any omissions in this list are accidental. Feel free to contact the maintainer if you have been left out or some of your contributions are not listed.

David Shaw, Matthew Skala, Michael Roth, Niklas Hernaeus, Nils Ellmenreich, Rémi Guyomarch, Stefan Bellon, Timo Schulz and Werner Koch wrote the code. Birger Langkjer, Daniel Resare, Dokianakis Theofanis, Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS, Gaël Quéri, Gregory Steuck, Nagy Ferenc László, Ivo Timmermans, Jacobo Tarri’o Barreiro, Janusz Aleksander Urbanowicz, Jedi Lin, Jouni Hiltunen, Laurentiu Buzdugan, Magda Procha’zkova’, Michael Anckaert, Michal Majer, Marco d’Itri, Nilgun Belma Buguner, Pedro Morais, Tedi Heriyanto, Thiago Jung Bauermann, Rafael Caetano dos Santos, Toomas Soome, Urko Lusa, Walter Koch, Yosiaki IIDA did the official translations. Mike Ashley wrote and maintains the GNU Privacy Handbook. David Scribner is the current FAQ editor. Lorenzo Cappelletti maintains the web site.

The new modularized architecture of gnupg 1.9 as well as the X.509/CMS part has been developed as part of the Ägypten project. Direct contributors to this project are: Bernhard Herzog, who did extensive testing and tracked down a lot of bugs. Bernhard Reiter, who made sure that we met the specifications and the deadlines. He did extensive testing and came up with a lot of suggestions. Jan-Oliver Wagner made sure that we met the specifications and the deadlines. He also did extensive testing and came up with a lot of suggestions. Karl-Heinz Zimmer and Marc Mutz had to struggle with all the bugs and misconceptions while working on KDE integration. Marcus Brinkman extended GPGME, cleaned up the Assuan code and fixed bugs all over the place. Moritz Schulte took over Libgcrypt maintenance and developed it into a stable an useful library. Steffen Hansen had a hard time to write the dirmngr due to underspecified interfaces. Thomas Koester did extensive testing and tracked down a lot of bugs. Werner Koch designed the system and wrote most of the code.

The following people helped greatly by suggesting improvements, testing, fixing bugs, providing resources and doing other important tasks: Adam Mitchell, Albert Chin, Alec Habig, Allan Clark, Anand Kumria, Andreas Haumer, Anthony Mulcahy, Ariel T Glenn, Bob Mathews, Bodo Moeller, Brendan O’Dea, Brenno de Winter, Brian M. Carlson, Brian Moore, Brian Warner, Bryan Fullerton, Caskey L. Dickson, Cees van de Griend, Charles Levert, Chip Salzenberg, Chris Adams, Christian Biere, Christian Kurz, Christian von Roques, Christopher Oliver, Christian Recktenwald, Dan Winship, Daniel Eisenbud, Daniel Koening, Dave Dykstra, David C Niemi, David Champion, David Ellement, David Hallinan, David Hollenberg, David Mathog, David R. Bergstein, Detlef Lannert, Dimitri, Dirk Lattermann, Dirk Meyer, Disastry, Douglas Calvert, Ed Boraas, Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS, Edwin Woudt, Enzo Michelangeli, Ernst Molitor, Fabio Coatti, Felix von Leitner, fish stiqz, Florian Weimer, Francesco Potorti, Frank Donahoe, Frank Heckenbach, Frank Stajano, Frank Tobin, Gabriel Rosenkoetter, Gaël Quéri, Gene Carter, Geoff Keating, Georg Schwarz, Giampaolo Tomassoni, Gilbert Fernandes, Greg Louis, Greg Troxel, Gregory Steuck, Gregery Barton, Harald Denker, Holger Baust, Hendrik Buschkamp, Holger Schurig, Holger Smolinski, Holger Trapp, Hugh Daniel, Huy Le, Ian McKellar, Ivo Timmermans, Jan Krueger, Jan Niehusmann, Janusz A. Urbanowicz, James Troup, Jean-loup Gailly, Jeff Long, Jeffery Von Ronne, Jens Bachem, Jeroen C. van Gelderen, J Horacio MG, J. Michael Ashley, Jim Bauer, Jim Small, Joachim Backes, Joe Rhett, John A. Martin, Johnny Teveßen, Jörg Schilling, Jos Backus, Joseph Walton, Juan F. Codagnone, Jun Kuriyama, Kahil D. Jallad, Karl Fogel, Karsten Thygesen, Katsuhiro Kondou, Kazu Yamamoto, Keith Clayton, Kevin Ryde, Klaus Singvogel, Kurt Garloff, Lars Kellogg-Stedman, L. Sassaman, M Taylor, Marcel Waldvogel, Marco d’Itri, Marco Parrone, Marcus Brinkmann, Mark Adler, Mark Elbrecht, Mark Pettit, Markus Friedl, Martin Kahlert, Martin Hamilton, Martin Schulte, Matt Kraai, Matthew Skala, Matthew Wilcox, Matthias Urlichs, Max Valianskiy, Michael Engels, Michael Fischer v. Mollard, Michael Roth, Michael Sobolev, Michael Tokarev, Nicolas Graner, Mike McEwan, Neal H Walfield, Nelson H. F. Beebe, NIIBE Yutaka, Niklas Hernaeus, Nimrod Zimerman, N J Doye, Oliver Haakert, Oskari Jääskeläinen, Pascal Scheffers, Paul D. Smith, Per Cederqvist, Phil Blundell, Philippe Laliberte, Peter Fales, Peter Gutmann, Peter Marschall, Peter Valchev, Piotr Krukowiecki, QingLong, Ralph Gillen, Rat, Reinhard Wobst, Rémi Guyomarch, Reuben Sumner, Richard Outerbridge, Robert Joop, Roddy Strachan, Roger Sondermann, Roland Rosenfeld, Roman Pavlik, Ross Golder, Ryan Malayter, Sam Roberts, Sami Tolvanen, Sean MacLennan, Sebastian Klemke, Serge Munhoven, SL Baur, Stefan Bellon, Dr.Stefan.Dalibor, Stefan Karrmann, Stefan Keller, Steffen Ullrich, Steffen Zahn, Steven Bakker, Steven Murdoch, Susanne Schultz, Ted Cabeen, Thiago Jung Bauermann, Thijmen Klok, Thomas Roessler, Tim Mooney, Timo Schulz, Todd Vierling, TOGAWA Satoshi, Tom Spindler, Tom Zerucha, Tomas Fasth, Tommi Komulainen, Thomas Klausner, Tomasz Kozlowski, Thomas Mikkelsen, Ulf Möller, Urko Lusa, Vincent P. Broman, Volker Quetschke, W Lewis, Walter Hofmann, Walter Koch, Wayne Chapeskie, Wim Vandeputte, Winona Brown, Yosiaki IIDA, Yoshihiro Kajiki and Gerlinde Klaes.

This software has been made possible by the previous work of Chris Wedgwood, Jean-loup Gailly, Jon Callas, Mark Adler, Martin Hellman, Paul Kendall, Philip R. Zimmermann, Peter Gutmann, Philip A. Nelson, Taher Elgamal, Torbjorn Granlund, Whitfield Diffie, some unknown NSA mathematicians and all the folks who have worked hard to create complete and free operating systems.

And finally we’d like to thank everyone who uses these tools, submits bug reports and generally reminds us why we’re doing this work in the first place.

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