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agent-program: GPG Configuration Options
agent-program: Configuration Options
agent-program: Invoking gpg-connect-agent
allow-admin: Scdaemon Options
allow-freeform-uid: GPG Esoteric Options
allow-mark-trusted: Agent Options
allow-multiple-messages: GPG Esoteric Options
allow-non-selfsigned-uid: GPG Esoteric Options
allow-secret-key-import: GPG Esoteric Options
allow-weak-digest-algos: GPG Esoteric Options
always-trust: Deprecated Options
armor: GPG Input and Output
armor: Input and Output
ask-cert-expire: GPG Esoteric Options
ask-cert-level: GPG Configuration Options
ask-sig-expire: GPG Esoteric Options
assume-armor: Input and Output
assume-base64: Input and Output
assume-binary: Input and Output
attribute-fd: GPG Esoteric Options
attribute-file: GPG Esoteric Options
auto-check-trustdb: GPG Configuration Options
auto-issuer-key-retrieve: Certificate Options
auto-key-locate: GPG Configuration Options

base64: Input and Output
batch: Agent Options
batch: GPG Configuration Options
bzip2-compress-level: GPG Configuration Options
bzip2-decompress-lowmem: GPG Configuration Options

call-dirmngr: Operational GPGSM Commands
call-protect-tool: Operational GPGSM Commands
card-edit: Operational GPG Commands
card-status: Operational GPG Commands
card-timeout: Scdaemon Options
cert-digest-algo: GPG Esoteric Options
cert-notation: GPG Esoteric Options
cert-policy-url: GPG Esoteric Options
change-pin: Operational GPG Commands
check-passphrase-pattern: Agent Options
check-sigs: Operational GPG Commands
check-trustdb: Operational GPG Commands
cipher-algo: GPG Esoteric Options
cipher-algo: CMS Options
clearsign: Operational GPG Commands
command-fd: GPG Esoteric Options
command-file: GPG Esoteric Options
comment: GPG Esoteric Options
compliant-needed: GPG Configuration Options
compress-algo: GPG Esoteric Options
compress-level: GPG Configuration Options
csh: Agent Options
ctapi-driver: Scdaemon Options

daemon: Agent Commands
daemon: Scdaemon Commands
dearmor: Operational GPG Commands
debug: Agent Options
debug: GPG Esoteric Options
debug: Esoteric Options
debug: Scdaemon Options
debug-all: Agent Options
debug-all: GPG Esoteric Options
debug-all: Esoteric Options
debug-all: Scdaemon Options
debug-allow-core-dump: Esoteric Options
debug-allow-core-dump: Scdaemon Options
debug-assuan-log-cats: Scdaemon Options
debug-disable-ticker: Scdaemon Options
debug-ignore-expiration: Esoteric Options
debug-level: Agent Options
debug-level: GPG Esoteric Options
debug-level: Esoteric Options
debug-level: Scdaemon Options
debug-log-tid: Scdaemon Options
debug-no-chain-validation: Esoteric Options
debug-wait: Agent Options
debug-wait: Scdaemon Options
debug-wait: Scdaemon Options
decode: Invoking gpg-connect-agent
decrypt: Operational GPG Commands
decrypt: Operational GPGSM Commands
decrypt: gpg-zip
decrypt-files: Operational GPG Commands
default-cache-ttl: Agent Options
default-cache-ttl: Agent Options
default-cert-expire: GPG Esoteric Options
default-cert-level: GPG Configuration Options
default-key: GPG Configuration Options
default-key: Input and Output
default-keyserver-url: GPG Esoteric Options
default-preference-list: GPG Esoteric Options
default-recipient: GPG Configuration Options
default-recipient-self: GPG Configuration Options
default-sig-expire: GPG Esoteric Options
delete-key: Operational GPG Commands
delete-keys: Certificate Management
delete-secret-and-public-key: Operational GPG Commands
delete-secret-key: Operational GPG Commands
deny-admin: Scdaemon Options
desig-revoke: OpenPGP Key Management
detach-sign: Operational GPG Commands
digest-algo: GPG Esoteric Options
dirmngr-program: Configuration Options
disable-application: Scdaemon Options
disable-ccid: Scdaemon Options
disable-cipher-algo: GPG Esoteric Options
disable-crl-checks: Certificate Options
disable-dsa2: GPG Configuration Options
disable-large-rsa: GPG Configuration Options
disable-mdc: OpenPGP Options
disable-ocsp: Certificate Options
disable-pinpad: Scdaemon Options
disable-policy-checks: Certificate Options
disable-pubkey-algo: GPG Esoteric Options
disable-scdaemon: Agent Options
disable-trusted-cert-crl-check: Certificate Options
display: Agent Options
display-charset: GPG Configuration Options
display-charset:iso-8859-1: GPG Configuration Options
display-charset:iso-8859-15: GPG Configuration Options
display-charset:iso-8859-2: GPG Configuration Options
display-charset:koi8-r: GPG Configuration Options
display-charset:utf-8: GPG Configuration Options
dry-run: GPG Esoteric Options
dump-cert: Certificate Management
dump-chain: Certificate Management
dump-external-keys: Certificate Management
dump-keys: Certificate Management
dump-options: Agent Commands
dump-options: General GPG Commands
dump-options: General GPGSM Commands
dump-options: Scdaemon Commands
dump-secret-keys: Certificate Management

edit-key: OpenPGP Key Management
emit-version: GPG Esoteric Options
enable-crl-checks: Certificate Options
enable-dsa2: GPG Configuration Options
enable-large-rsa: GPG Configuration Options
enable-ocsp: Certificate Options
enable-passphrase-history: Agent Options
enable-pinpad-varlen: Scdaemon Options
enable-policy-checks: Certificate Options
enable-progress-filter: GPG Esoteric Options
enable-special-filenames: GPG Esoteric Options
enable-ssh-support: Agent Options
enable-trusted-cert-crl-check: Certificate Options
enarmor: Operational GPG Commands
encrypt: Operational GPG Commands
encrypt: Operational GPGSM Commands
encrypt: gpg-zip
encrypt-files: Operational GPG Commands
encrypt-to: GPG Key related Options
enforce-passphrase-constraints: Agent Options
escape-from-lines: GPG Esoteric Options
exec: Invoking gpg-connect-agent
exec-path: GPG Configuration Options
exit-on-status-write-error: GPG Configuration Options
expert: GPG Configuration Options
export: Operational GPG Commands
export: Certificate Management
export-options: GPG Input and Output
export-ownertrust: Operational GPG Commands
export-secret-key-p12: Certificate Management
export-secret-keys: Operational GPG Commands
export-secret-subkeys: Operational GPG Commands
extra-digest-algo: Esoteric Options

faked-system-time: Agent Options
faked-system-time: GPG Esoteric Options
faked-system-time: Esoteric Options
fast-list-mode: GPG Esoteric Options
fetch-keys: Operational GPG Commands
fingerprint: Operational GPG Commands
fixed-list-mode: GPG Input and Output
fixed-passphrase: Esoteric Options
for-your-eyes-only: GPG Esoteric Options
force: watchgnupg
force-crl-refresh: Certificate Options
force-mdc: OpenPGP Options
force-v3-sigs: OpenPGP Options
force-v4-certs: OpenPGP Options
forget: Invoking gpg-preset-passphrase

gen-key: OpenPGP Key Management
gen-key: Certificate Management
gen-prime: Operational GPG Commands
gen-random: Operational GPG Commands
gen-revoke: OpenPGP Key Management
gnupg: Compliance Options
gpg: gpg-zip
gpg-agent-info: GPG Configuration Options
gpg-args: gpg-zip
gpgconf-list: GPG Esoteric Options
gpgconf-test: GPG Esoteric Options
group: GPG Key related Options

help: Agent Commands
help: General GPG Commands
help: General GPGSM Commands
help: Scdaemon Commands
help: watchgnupg
help: gpg-zip
hex: Invoking gpg-connect-agent
hidden-encrypt-to: GPG Key related Options
hidden-recipient: GPG Key related Options
homedir: Agent Options
homedir: GPG Configuration Options
homedir: Configuration Options
homedir: Scdaemon Options
homedir: gpgv
homedir: Invoking gpg-connect-agent
homedir: Invoking symcryptrun

ignore-cache-for-signing: Agent Options
ignore-cert-extension: Certificate Options
ignore-crc-error: GPG Esoteric Options
ignore-mdc-error: GPG Esoteric Options
ignore-time-conflict: GPG Esoteric Options
ignore-time-conflict: gpgv
ignore-valid-from: GPG Esoteric Options
import: Operational GPG Commands
import: Certificate Management
import-options: GPG Input and Output
import-ownertrust: Operational GPG Commands
include-certs: CMS Options
interactive: GPG Esoteric Options

keep-display: Agent Options
keep-tty: Agent Options
keydb-clear-some-cert-flags: Certificate Management
keyedit:addcardkey: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:addkey: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:addphoto: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:addrevoker: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:adduid: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:bkuptocard: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:check: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:clean: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:cross-certify: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:delkey: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:delsig: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:deluid: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:disable: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:enable: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:expire: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:key: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:keyserver: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:keytocard: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:lsign: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:minimize: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:notation: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:nrsign: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:passwd: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:pref: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:primary: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:quit: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:revkey: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:revsig: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:revuid: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:save: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:setpref: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:showphoto: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:showpref: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:sign: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:toggle: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:trust: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:tsign: OpenPGP Key Management
keyedit:uid: OpenPGP Key Management
keyid-format: GPG Configuration Options
keyring: GPG Configuration Options
keyring: gpgv
keyserver: GPG Configuration Options
keyserver-options: GPG Configuration Options

lc-ctype: Agent Options
lc-messages: Agent Options
learn-card: Certificate Management
limit-card-insert-tries: GPG Configuration Options
list-archive: gpg-zip
list-chain: Certificate Management
list-config: GPG Esoteric Options
list-keys: Operational GPG Commands
list-keys: Certificate Management
list-keys: Certificate Management
list-only: GPG Esoteric Options
list-options: GPG Configuration Options
list-options:show-keyring: GPG Configuration Options
list-options:show-keyserver-urls: GPG Configuration Options
list-options:show-notations: GPG Configuration Options
list-options:show-photos: GPG Configuration Options
list-options:show-policy-urls: GPG Configuration Options
list-options:show-sig-expire: GPG Configuration Options
list-options:show-sig-subpackets: GPG Configuration Options
list-options:show-std-notations: GPG Configuration Options
list-options:show-uid-validity: GPG Configuration Options
list-options:show-unusable-subkeys: GPG Configuration Options
list-options:show-unusable-uids: GPG Configuration Options
list-options:show-user-notations: GPG Configuration Options
list-packets: Operational GPG Commands
list-secret-keys: Operational GPG Commands
list-secret-keys: Certificate Management
list-sigs: Operational GPG Commands
local-user: GPG Key related Options
local-user: Input and Output
local-user: gpg-zip
locate-keys: Operational GPG Commands
lock-multiple: GPG Configuration Options
lock-never: GPG Configuration Options
lock-once: GPG Configuration Options
log-file: Agent Options
log-file: GPG Esoteric Options
log-file: Configuration Options
log-file: Scdaemon Options
log-file: Invoking symcryptrun
logger-fd: GPG Esoteric Options
logger-fd: gpgv
lsign-key: OpenPGP Key Management

mangle-dos-filenames: GPG Configuration Options
marginals-needed: GPG Configuration Options
max-cache-ttl: Agent Options
max-cache-ttl-ssh: Agent Options
max-cert-depth: GPG Configuration Options
max-output: GPG Input and Output
max-passphrase-days: Agent Options
min-cert-level: GPG Configuration Options
min-passphrase-len: Agent Options
min-passphrase-nonalpha: Agent Options
multi-server: Scdaemon Commands
multifile: Operational GPG Commands

no: GPG Configuration Options
no-allow-external-cache: Agent Options
no-armor: GPG Input and Output
no-batch: GPG Configuration Options
no-common-certs-import: Esoteric Options
no-default-keyring: GPG Esoteric Options
no-default-recipient: GPG Configuration Options
no-detach: Agent Options
no-detach: Scdaemon Options
no-encrypt-to: GPG Key related Options
no-expensive-trust-checks: GPG Esoteric Options
no-ext-connect: Invoking gpg-connect-agent
no-grab: Agent Options
no-greeting: GPG Configuration Options
no-groups: GPG Key related Options
no-literal: GPG Esoteric Options
no-mangle-dos-filenames: GPG Configuration Options
no-mdc-warning: GPG Configuration Options
no-options: GPG Configuration Options
no-random-seed-file: GPG Configuration Options
no-secmem-warning: GPG Configuration Options
no-secmem-warning: Configuration Options
no-sig-cache: GPG Configuration Options
no-sig-create-check: GPG Configuration Options
no-skip-hidden-recipients: GPG Key related Options
no-tty: GPG Configuration Options
no-use-standard-socket: Agent Options
no-verbose: GPG Configuration Options
not-dash-escaped: GPG Esoteric Options

openpgp: Compliance Options
options: Agent Options
options: GPG Configuration Options
options: Configuration Options
options: Scdaemon Options
output: GPG Input and Output
output: Input and Output
output: gpg-zip
override-session-key: GPG Esoteric Options

p12-charset: Input and Output
passphrase: GPG Esoteric Options
passphrase: Invoking gpg-preset-passphrase
passphrase-fd: GPG Esoteric Options
passphrase-file: GPG Esoteric Options
passphrase-repeat: GPG Esoteric Options
passwd: OpenPGP Key Management
passwd: Certificate Management
pcsc-driver: Scdaemon Options
permission-warning: GPG Configuration Options
personal-cipher-preferences: OpenPGP Options
personal-compress-preferences: OpenPGP Options
personal-digest-preferences: OpenPGP Options
pgp2: Compliance Options
pgp6: Compliance Options
pgp7: Compliance Options
pgp8: Compliance Options
photo-viewer: GPG Configuration Options
pinentry-program: Agent Options
pinentry-touch-file: Agent Options
policy-file: Configuration Options
prefer-system-dirmngr: Configuration Options
preserve-permissions: GPG Esoteric Options
preset: Invoking gpg-preset-passphrase
primary-keyring: GPG Configuration Options
print-md: Operational GPG Commands

q: Invoking gpg-connect-agent
q: Invoking symcryptrun
quiet: Agent Options
quiet: GPG Configuration Options
quiet: gpgv
quiet: Invoking gpg-connect-agent
quiet: Invoking symcryptrun

raw-socket: Invoking gpg-connect-agent
reader-port: Scdaemon Options
rebuild-keydb-caches: Operational GPG Commands
recipient: GPG Key related Options
recipient: Input and Output
recipient: gpg-zip
recv-keys: Operational GPG Commands
refresh-keys: Operational GPG Commands
reload: Invoking gpgconf
require-cross-certification: GPG Configuration Options
require-secmem: GPG Configuration Options
rfc1991: Compliance Options
rfc2440: Compliance Options
rfc4880: Compliance Options
run: Invoking gpg-connect-agent

s2k-cipher-algo: OpenPGP Options
s2k-count: OpenPGP Options
s2k-digest-algo: OpenPGP Options
s2k-mode: OpenPGP Options
scdaemon-program: Agent Options
search-keys: Operational GPG Commands
secret-keyring: GPG Configuration Options
send-keys: Operational GPG Commands
server: Agent Commands
server: Operational GPGSM Commands
server: Scdaemon Commands
set-filename: GPG Esoteric Options
set-filesize: GPG Esoteric Options
set-notation: GPG Esoteric Options
set-policy-url: GPG Esoteric Options
sh: Agent Options
show-keyring: Deprecated Options
show-notation: Deprecated Options
show-photos: Deprecated Options
show-policy-url: Deprecated Options
show-session-key: GPG Esoteric Options
sig-keyserver-url: GPG Esoteric Options
sig-notation: GPG Esoteric Options
sig-policy-url: GPG Esoteric Options
sign: Operational GPG Commands
sign: Operational GPGSM Commands
sign-key: OpenPGP Key Management
simple-sk-checksum: GPG Configuration Options
skip-hidden-recipients: GPG Key related Options
skip-verify: GPG Esoteric Options
status-fd: GPG Esoteric Options
status-fd: gpgv
status-file: GPG Esoteric Options
store: Operational GPG Commands
subst: Invoking gpg-connect-agent
symmetric: Operational GPG Commands

tar: gpg-zip
tar-args: gpg-zip
textmode: OpenPGP Options
throw-keyids: GPG Esoteric Options
trust-mode:always: GPG Configuration Options
trust-mode:auto: GPG Configuration Options
trust-mode:classic: GPG Configuration Options
trust-mode:direct: GPG Configuration Options
trust-mode:pgp: GPG Configuration Options
trust-model: GPG Configuration Options
trustdb-name: GPG Configuration Options
trusted-key: GPG Configuration Options
try-all-secrets: GPG Key related Options
ttyname: Agent Options
ttytype: Agent Options

ungroup: GPG Key related Options
update-trustdb: Operational GPG Commands
use-agent: GPG Configuration Options
use-embedded-filename: GPG Esoteric Options
use-standard-socket: Agent Options
utf8-strings: GPG Configuration Options

v: Configuration Options
v: Scdaemon Options
validation-model: Certificate Options
verbose: Agent Options
verbose: GPG Configuration Options
verbose: Configuration Options
verbose: Scdaemon Options
verbose: watchgnupg
verbose: gpgv
verbose: Invoking gpg-preset-passphrase
verbose: Invoking gpg-connect-agent
verbose: Invoking symcryptrun
verify: Operational GPG Commands
verify: Operational GPGSM Commands
verify-files: Operational GPG Commands
verify-options: GPG Configuration Options
verify-options:pka-lookups: GPG Configuration Options
verify-options:pka-trust-increase: GPG Configuration Options
verify-options:show-keyserver-urls: GPG Configuration Options
verify-options:show-notations: GPG Configuration Options
verify-options:show-photos: GPG Configuration Options
verify-options:show-policy-urls: GPG Configuration Options
verify-options:show-primary-uid-only: GPG Configuration Options
verify-options:show-std-notations: GPG Configuration Options
verify-options:show-uid-validity: GPG Configuration Options
verify-options:show-unusable-uids: GPG Configuration Options
verify-options:show-user-notations: GPG Configuration Options
version: Agent Commands
version: General GPG Commands
version: General GPGSM Commands
version: Scdaemon Commands
version: watchgnupg
version: gpg-zip

warranty: General GPG Commands
warranty: General GPGSM Commands
with-colons: GPG Input and Output
with-ephemeral-keys: Esoteric Options
with-fingerprint: GPG Input and Output
with-key-data: GPG Esoteric Options
with-key-data: Input and Output
with-validation: Input and Output
write-env-file: Agent Options

xauthority: Agent Options

yes: GPG Configuration Options

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