GIT Access

The GnuPG development is tracked using the GIT distributed revision control system. A public read-only GIT repository for GnuPG and related projects is available.

This service is provided to help you in hunting bugs and not to deliver stable snapshots; it may happen that it even does not compile, so please don't complain. GIT may put a high load on a server, so please don't poll for new pushes too often. Instead, we suggest you to subscribe to the commits mailing list .

You may also follow @gnuprivacyguard on Twitter to get notified about commits to the GnuPG master branch.

There is a Web interface at which can be used to browse the GIT repository.

All repositories have been migrated to GIT from the old Subversion (SVN) code management tool. The standard way you checkout from an anonymous GIT is to clone the entire repository:

git clone git://

You must run ./ before running the ./configure in the way suggested by the putput of This creates some required files which are not stored in the repository. also checks that you have all required tools installed. Please read the GIT manual pages before doing so. The master revision is the development branch; the stable 2.0 version (currently version 2.0.30) is known as STABLE-BRANCH-2-0; the stable 1.4 version of GnuPG (1.4.20) is known as STABLE-BRANCH-1-4.

Bug reports should go to the developers mailing list. See the page on mailing lists .

Other Hosted Projects

The GnuPG GIT server also hosts some other projects in GIT repositories; use the commands below to access them.

GnuPG Made Easy
git clone git://
The GNU Crypto Library
git clone git://
GEAM Encrypts All Mail.
git clone git://

Old CVS Controlled Projects

There are also some CVS hosted projects; the normal way to access them, is by doing a

cvs -d login

with the password `anoncvs' and then checkout the sources using the command given in the list below.

The GNU Privacy Handbook
cvs -z3 -d co gph
The old webpages
cvs -z3 -d co gnupg-www