The GNU Privacy Guard

GnuPG is the GNU project's complete and free implementation of the OpenPGP standard as defined by RFC4880. GnuPG allows to encrypt and sign your data and communication, features a versatile key management system as well as access modules for all kinds of public key directories. GnuPG, also known as GPG, is a command line tool with features for easy integration with other applications. A wealth of frontend applications and libraries are available. Version 2 of GnuPG also provides support for S/MIME.

GnuPG is Free Software (meaning that it respects your freedom). It can be freely used, modified and distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License .

GnuPG comes in two flavours: 1.4.16 is the well known and portable standalone version, whereas 2.0.22 is the enhanced and somewhat harder to build version.

Project Gpg4win provides a Windows version of GnuPG. It is nicely integrated into an installer and features several frontends as well as English and German manuals.

Project GPGTools provides a Mac OS X version of GnuPG. It is nicely integrated into an installer and features all required tools.

Project Aegypten developed the S/MIME functionality in GnuPG 2.

Latest news

The following frames report the latest news from GnuPG. A list with all news of previous years is also available.

Mission complete: campaign ends, closing stats (2014-02-06)

After 50 days of crowdfunding, the GnuPG campaign for new website and infrastructure will close tomorrow. That means rewards for backers can now be ordered and preparations for dispatch can begin. Here are the results so far. {more}

16 Years of protecting privacy (2013-12-20)

Today marks 16 years since the first release of GnuPG. In that time the project has grown from being a hacker’s hobby into one of the world’s most critical anti-surveillance tools. Today GnuPG stands at the front line of the battle between invasive surveillance and civil liberties. {more}

GnuPG launches crowdfunding campaign (2013-12-19)

Today GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) has launched its first crowdfunding campaign with the aim of building a new website and long term infrastructure. {more} {deutsch} {francaise}

GnuPG 1.4.16 released (2013-12-18)   important

Along with the publication of an interesting new side channel attack by Genkin, Shamir, and Tromer we announce the availability of a new stable GnuPG release to relieve this bug: Version 1.4.16 … {more}

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